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unposted_secret's Journal

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Easily offended? Thin skinned?
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unposted_secret - because any secrets worth sharing are usually unpostable.

Got a secret rejected or removed on another community? Posted but only under a link with a warning? Then submit it here! Unlike the other places, ALL secrets WILL be posted! (It doesn't even have to be unposted, so long as it probably will be ;p)

Amerikkkan law stipulates that if you are under 18, you are not legally permitted to view.... blahdeblah.

All entries will be made under a cut (Of course, no underage people should click!1!!) As always, NWS.

Secrets posted monthly. This will change if more people submit stuff *cough*

Submission Guidelines
~ Keep secrets under 800X600
~ If you use a non-anon server, any consequences that arise stem from your stupidity
~ It must be real. For fake "secrets" go to parody_ljsecret Of course, there is no way to tell if your secret is real or not. Since all secrets will be posted netherless, please be truthful =)

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LJ Flamecup - because the best replies get deleted